Gift certificate

Gift certificate

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Buy a gift certificate. Read more details below.

Treat her with a gift certificate for Louise Kragh Jewelry!

With a gift certificate she can explore our styles and find the exact jewelry, she dreams about.
She can spend the entire amount at once - or she can save the remainder for later. In this case, the balance of the gift certificate will be updated and she simply reuses the code that appears on the gift certificate next time.

If the shopping cart amount exceeds the one of the gift certificate, she just pays the rest with her debit/credit card.

NB! The gift certificate will be sent to YOUR email address, so you can the print or forward it to the lucky recipient. If you prefer her receiving it directly from our webshop in stead, click the small box, that says "Send the gift voucher directly to the recipient by email". Then you type her email address in the new box that appears below.

You are welcome to contact us at or on +45 50 75 90 49, if you have any questions.