Terms and conditions for retailers


Please remember to keep your contact information updated on your profile. Orders will be shipped to the given address. If you want guidance in how to manage your profile, you are welcome to contact our sales representative or the main office at webshop@louisekragh.dk/ (+45) 50 75 90 49.


When you have received your order confirmation, you have 2 days to take exception to the ordered. Hereafter, the agreement will be binding. The order confirmation will be sent to the email address you are registered with on your webshop profile. In the case that we do not receive any written objections from you within the 2 day time frame, we consider the purchase accepted by you.

It is your own responsibility to check that the delivery goods are consistent with the ordered and invoiced. Any corrections must be given no later than 7 days after receiving the goods.


Terms of payment are stated on the invoice and are set according to agreement. If you have any questions regarding your invoice, feel free to contact us.

Under the tab ”Contact”, you can find our contact and bank information.


The goods will be shipped as soon as possible, normally 2-3 days after placing an order, depending on the size of the order. The delivery time depends on the individual freight company.

We make certain reservations since some jewelry take longer to produce. At a potential delay we will notify you.

The shipment is dispatched from the workshop/main office in Aarhus, Denmark.

Back orders will be invoiced when shipped.


The shipping cost depends on which country the goods are sent to and is set according to agreement.


Inquiries must be directed to our sales representative or the main office. A solution will be taken in the individual situation, for example exchange, repair or credit.

We continuously take random checks of all products, but when receiving the products, it is your own responsibility to check for correct number and quality.


At special orders on colors or color combination outside our assortment, please confirm with us before you make any final agreement with the customer.

Orders by special measurements or discontinued colors are non-refundable.


Louise Kragh.dk ApS makes reservations for price- and typing errors and reserves the right to change prices in force at the time.

The prices are in DKK, NOK or EUR, depending on the customer’s country.